Stéphanie Ernould

Tax Attorney
Paris Bar

As a Tax Attorney, I provide companies and executives with the most effective legal and tax tools within an increasingly complex legislative and financial environment.

Areas of expertise

Corporate Taxation Services

  • Advisory and assistance on day to day tax management
  • In-depth Tax planning expertise for LBOs and M&As (advising Investment Funds and Companies on Tax Due Diligence, Cross-Border Transactions, etc.)
  • Real estate transaction support (including assistance with structuring acquisitions and disposition, setting up of investment vehicles)
  • Private ruling requests (e.g. Net Operating Losses transfers; accreditations for preferential tax treatment)

Managers/Executives &

  • Risk mitigation and tax efficiency strategy within LBO operations (e.g. equity compensation schemes for fund managers)
  • Structuring and acquisition/divesture strategy and execution for private and family groups, and businesses

International Taxation

  • Cross border restructuring and transactions, Permanent Establishments exposures; Taxation of cross border flows, Transfer Pricing, etc.
  • Project management on international tax schemes

Tax Audits and Tax Controversies

  • Managing French Tax Authorities audits and Pre-controversy advice
  • Filing and presenting protests to FTA, negotiating litigations settlements
  • Trying cases in Court

Trainings in Taxation for Companies, Employees, and Individuals

  • Training on taxation for managers, CFOs, accountants and entrepreneurs (fee quote upon request) regarding the most specific tax corporation issues they can face
  • Training within organizations such as EFE, EFL and Dalloz regarding restructuring (LBO, Joint-Venture, seller’s warranty)

The way I work

I am trained as a Lawyer (Sorbonne School of Law and Paris School Bar), and also have a background in business, well versed in strategy, finance, and marketing. In addition to my legal education, I hold dual MBA degrees from Columbia Business School and London Business School.

My advice to each of my clients is bespoke in nature; I tailor my advice considering the economic environment and the particular context of your business. This includes, advising my clients on the relevance of their choices and investments based on their business model, socio-political context, market trends, etc. Additionally, I also have an extensive network of experienced professional contacts in France and abroad that I can enlist for your business needs.

A Unique Range of Services and Support

For a wide variety of tax management scenarios, I am a centralized resource to assist in your case. In cases which require additional legal specialties (corporate law, contract law, etc.) and other professionals (accountants, notaries), I set up bespoke teams by selecting the best professionals to handle everything under one roof based on the individual needs of my clients.

My services combine both the tax and legal aspects of an issue allowing for a 360-degree management of your case that leads to:

  • No loss of data/information between different professionals
  • Time savings
  • Cost control

In the event of an assistance requiring the intervention of lawyers from foreign jurisdictions, after selecting the best tax experts, I monitor the coordination of the project and deliver a unique consultation addressing the overall of tax matters; domestic and international.

A Hands-on Approach to Assure the Success of Your Business Strategy

I work from corporate strategy all the way down to the tax strategy. I therefore have a comprehensive and exhaustive vision of the issues that your case can raise. My advice and solutions adapt to constraints and challenges met on the way. My consultations always provide concrete solutions and adjustments of initial strategies when necessary. Your case is handled within efficiency and transparency.

Global Outlook & Considerations

After training in Paris, New York and London, I trained in international business strategy in universities and companies of Asia and South America (Hong-Kong, Dubai, Buenos Aires), which allowed me to better understand cultural differences and national sensitivities important for my clients. I am also fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Responsive & Reactive

Cognizant of the imperatives of the fast moving needs of my clients, I endeavor to be responsive and in any case I will consistently meet the deadlines necessary for my clients’ success.


“I want to be your professional ally engaged on the long run and your trusted advisor”.
Stéphanie Ernould

My Values


I am your business ally and therefore I make myself accessible and I communicate with experience and clarity.


I handle each tax issue with perseverance and determination: in the matter of taxation, financial stakes are crucial and I leave no room for doubt whatever the challenges.


I adapt tax strategy to changes in conditions and circumstances of the case. I adjust the way I work based on your experience and expectations.


I consider the long run implications of my work for clients and offer legal solutions that comply with the upmost ethical standard. The sustainability of your business depends on it. I handle cases with independence and intellectual honesty.


I practice with professional awareness and every client situation is handled with the same care.

Price and billing policy


Explicit quote estimates and transparency
Any service provided is preceded with a fee quote describing the scope of work.

After an introductory, I will provide you with a proposal detailing what services are necessary (memo, conference calls, meeting, follow-up etc.) and the cost based on the billing method chosen.

If you agree and after written agreement, services will be delivered within the timeline determined in the proposal.

4 billing methods can apply and I will determine the relevant method based on your specific needs:

  • Hourly rate: Euros 250 euros ex-Tax (20% VAT)
  • A fee quote taking into account the number of work hours estimated is prepared
  • If more time and resources are being expended, only the amount estimated hours in the fee quote is charged
  • If the number of hours spent is less than estimated, only these actual hours will be charged
  • In case of very tight deadline given the complexity of the mission, the Euros 250 hourly rate can be increased
Flat rate
  • A fixed fee is determined for the mission
Success fees
  • In case of success within the framework of tax litigation, a 15% success fee of the tax reassessment waived will be applicable. A fixed fee due at the beginning of the mission will also be included.
Monthly subscription
  • Negotiated quote of a certain number of hours based on a competitive hourly rate (less than Euros 250 / h).
    In case of a subscription, a monthly reporting of the tasks carried out will be provided to you.

Payment methods

Fees are payable upon receipt of the invoice, the latter being transmitted from the completion of the mission.

Payment by bank transfer or PayPal. 

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Tax Attorney

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